Electric Guitars

As a Vintage Main Dealer we offer a great selection of guitars at low prices.

Vintage V100 Icon Series  

   Vintage V100 Icon Series (Lemon Drop)    £349                           

Peter Greens's guitar ended up in the USA for a million dollars.  This one gives you a bit of
loose change from yer million.............


Vintage Reissued Series

V100AFD 'Paradise'  £285

Vintage V100 series £255

I have cherry sunburst & tobacco sunburst in stock.

See the full range of Vintage electrics here. We can get any model for you within a few days.

Encore starter outfits   only £150

Each guitar is fully setup before sale so that it plays correctly. 

Other shops won't do this!

Available in black, red or sunburst.

Bella and Peggy having a stressful day in Hound Dog