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Electric guitars - a selection of the pre-owned guitars in stock

I specialise in used guitars.  More guitars arrive almost every day.   You can trade in your guitar against something you want.  If you have a guitar to sell - please call.

Yamaha SA 1000 made in Japan 1981 with Origional Case £900

Yamaha SA 1000 very good condition, Beautiful Guitar, Plays very well, Mahogany Neck.

Gibson Les Paul Studio faded with Gibson hard case, 2007. £690

Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded.Nicely worn in all the right places,very little fret wear Gibson burst bucker pick ups,light and resonant,

70s Japanese Strat with no name, £240

70s made in Japan Stratocaster,nice ash body with maple neck and fret board,plays suprisingly well and sounds like a Strat should.Vintage 70s Stratocaster for less than a Squier.

G&L Tribute Doheny in Surf Green as new  £350

G&L Tribute Doheny in surf green,G&Ls take on the Jazz Master,Brazilian Cherry finger board,G&L duel Function vibrato,very nice guitar

1981 Aria Pro 2  L/H with case £240

Left handed Aria Pro 2, as used  by Kurt Cobain good condition for year £240

Brian May Red Special with Gig Bag £590

Brian May Red Special Unused as New Korean.

Dan Electro DC 59 Good condition £ 280

Dan Electro 59  as new plays very well

Ibanez George Benson 200 made in Japan £1850

Ibanez George Benson 200. Beautiful Guitar In Excellent Condition,fitted case

Epiphone Les Paul Pro £390

Epiphone Les Paul, Standard Pro with Bigsby, Great Condition, Coil taps, Plays great.

PRS SE1 With gig bag £ 350

P.R.S SE1, very good condition with PRS gig  bag £350

Fender Brad Paisley Esquire, black sparkle great condition £750

Spruce/Paulownia/Spruce body, very light and resonant, hidden Seymour Duncan Secret Agent neck pick up, factory road worn, nitro finish. Great guitar.

Guild S-50, USA 1972 with case   £750

Guild S-50

Rare guitar, all original, in good condition.   Plug it in, play a chord, start a band etc etc.   An SG Junior's slightly less attractive room mate.

Phantom Guitarworks 12 string (left hand), USA with hard case   £700

Phantom 12 string

A custom order, this is a very rare guitar as Phantom don't list a left handed version of this on their website.  In excellent condition with some lower fret wear.

Shergold Meteor, England 1975 with case, £400

Shergold Meteor

All original,   Very litle fret wear, body has small dings/marks but nothing major. 

Fender Squire Bullet, Japan 1985 £400

Fender Squire Bullet

Good condition with some marks to the body but very little fret wear.   Rare in red apparently. 

Antoria 2355, Japan 1976 with hard case, £950 

Antoria 2355

Excellent condition.  Modern, good quality case included.   The Antoria guitars of this period are rebranded Ibanez guitars. The body of the Antoria No. 2355 is an Arched spruce top with selected birch back and rims. The neck is hard laminated maple and is a set in neck. The fingerboard is ebonized rosewood with pearloid inlays.

Epiphone Zephyr Blues Deluxe, Korea 2005, with hard case £650

Epiphone Zephyr Blues Deluxe

Super condition.  Original Peerles branded case included.   3 volume controls and one tone.

Shergold Custom 6/12, c.1980 England, with hard case,  £975

Shergold Custom

A rare find, these twins were made in the 70's and early 80's in England.  Thanks to the www.shergold.co.uk site it appears that this one dates from around 1980.  Apart from the missing bridge covers it is all original.  When it arrived the selector switch legends were taped over.  Having removed the tape you can see guitar/bass.  Looks like they had run out of 6/12 plates and just used what was around. So, the guitar setting is the 12 and the bass setting is the 6.  Confusing.....  As with almost all Shergolds the paint finish has cracked over the years.    Waiting for a Barclay James Harvest revival.

Fender Telecaster, USA 1989 with hard case £950

Fender Telecaster

This is one of those oddball Fender’s that most people have never heard of. Fender has a reputation for doing some weird serial number stuff as they progressed, and this is indeed one of them.  From Fender’s website.  A limited number of these “I” series guitars were made in 1989 and 1990. They were made for the export market and have “Made in USA” stamped on the neck heel.”  Good condition apart from a couple of dings on the edge.

Yamaha AES1500, Japan 1988 with case, £1100

Yamaha AES1500

Good condition with very little fret wear.   Coil taps on tone pots.

Hutchins Shade 1 with gig bag, £300


Pretty much as new.  Read a review here

Gretsch Streamliner as new

Ibanez JS100 Joe Satriani model, Korea 1999, £250

Ibanez JS100

CSL Twin Neck with hard case, Japan mid 1970's, £650

CSL Twin Neck

Good, condition.  CSL guitars were rebranded Ibanez models made for Charles Summerfield Ltd of Gateshead, England.  From the era of Prog when every self respecting band had a twin neck guitar.

Here's an amazing limited edition Gibson built as a tribute to a Hendrix's legendary custom ordered Flying V. Limited to 400 pieces, these are fairly hard to find. Solid mahogany body for excellent sustain. Solid mahogany neck with a slim taper and a rosewood fingerboard with arrow inlays. Dual patent number stamped humbuckers dish out big tone. Vintage Kluson style tuners, a Tuneomatic bridge, and Stopbar tailpiece keep it rock solid. The finish is black and is set off by gold hardware. Hendrix's signature is embossed on the pickguard. A very unique and rare Flying V! - See more at: https://www.gbase.com/gear/gibson-jimi-hendrix-hall-of-fame-1994-black#sthash.cJTP9ezq.dpuf

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