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Pre owned acoustic guitars

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Ozark 3515BE with case, £500

Ozark 3515BE

Takamine EG523SC-12 with case, Korea £300

Takamine EG523SC-12

Cort electro acoustic 12 string with hard case £165

Cort 12 string

Fender Stratacoustic, China  £175

Fender Stratacoustic

Columbian Major, USA 1938 with original case, £450

Columbian Major

John Grey (possibly made by Clifford Essex) England pre 1940 with original case £425

John Grey

Yamaha FG160, Taiwan 1970's £100

Yamaha FG160

Kouga Accolade, England 2009 £400


Vincenzo Giuffrida & Figlio, Catania Sicily, 1930's  £200

Vincenzo Giuffrida

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