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Acoustic guitars - pre owned. 

Epiphone Frontier FT110 Master Built as new, Gig Bag, £550

Epiphone Frontier FT110

Taylor GS Mini Mahogany As New Unplayed  £560

Taylor GS mini

Yamaha LL16 ARE, very good condition, Yamaha Gigbag £750

Yamaha LL16

Taylor 310 Very Good Condition With Case £950

taylor 310 American Made Guitar All Solid Woods

Ibanez 12 String drednought Good Condition £160

Ibanez 12 String

Guild GAD F212 NAT Fair Condition with Case £450

Guid GAD F212

Taylor Acadamy 12e Good Condition Taylor Gigbag £475

Taylor Acadamy

Hohner Resonator With Case Good Condition £260

Tanglewood TW 40 SD VS E As New  Gigbag  £400

Tanglewood TW 40 SD VS E

Vintage VRC 800 BK as new with Hard Case  £290

Vintage Resonator

PRS SE P20 Parlour Good Condition Gigbag £300

PRS Parlour Guitar

Eastman E100SS-SB AS New £420

Eastman Parlour

Freshmam FOPGAT SB good condition,£240

Freshmam Open Plains ooo sized guitar Spuce Top Mahogany back and sides

Takamine G Series EG 540 DLX Good Condition With Case £290

Takamine EG 540 DLX With Pickup

Epiphone Dove With Pickup £200

Micheal Kelly MKJRSKGX As New £200

Cimar Dreadnought £150


Made by Ibanez this is a well made Martin D18 copy with a nice tone.  It's in good condtion too.

Kimbara 'Folk Guitar' , Japan 1970's  £150


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