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Ernie McMillen custom, Northern Ireland 2007 with case £2000


Ernie Mcmillen was the Senior Luthier for the Avalon Guitar Company from  March 1986 to May 2012.  .This is a one off, custom guitar made for Charlie Harcourt of local Band Lindisfarne.   Flame maple back and sides, spruce top, mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard and bridge.

AB Manson 'Magpie' England 1994, with case

Manson Magpie

Dobro model 27,USA 1933 with case £1850

Dobro model 27

Martin 00X1AE with fitted hard case, Mexico £475

Martin 00X1

Barely played electro acoustic which benefits from non-standard hard case rather than a flimsy gig bag provided by Martin as standard.

Faith Hi Gloss Saturn, Indonesia with case £500

Faith Hi Gloss Saturn

Epiphone Limited Edition EJ200SCELH  with gig bag   £275

Epiphone SJ

Ozark 3515N with added Lace Sensor pickup plus case, £375

Ozark 3515N

Levin Goliath LN-26 with hard case, Sweden c.1968, £800

Levin Goliath

Lovely condition with no issues.   Great sound.

Guild D4-12 NY, USA c.1991  with hard case,  £600

Guild D4-12

Reasonable condition.  Had a couple of splits in the sides but these have been repaired.

Line 6 Variax 700 acoustic,Korea  with gig bag,   £400

Line 6 Variax 700 acoustic

Excellent condition.  Includes leads & manual.

Straten Club 40, UK 1940's,  £350

Straten Club 40

Good, playable condition and, unlike many archtops, has a warm sound. The binding around the top has been replaced, badly, with black rather than the original white material. The Vintage Hofner site has this info:  

Jo Van Straten was the manager of Selmer's London Charing Cross Road shop in the late 1930's/early 1940's. Immediately after World War II, Jo teamed up with a guitar maker called Dick Knight, and together they started producing archtop guitars under the Straten label, using a workshop in Bridle Lane, Soho, London. 

Unfortunately, the business only lasted until 1948, at which stage Dick Knight went to work for the Selmer UK Company, which was being run by the brothers Ben and Lew Davies. Dick, under this new regime, carried on producing archtop guitars, although still under the Straten banner. The one illustrated above was named the "Club 40 Model". As this model name had not been used previously by the Straten company, one can only conclude that it was Selmer and the Davies brothers who decided on that name.

Gretsch Synchromatic G100, Korea 2007, £400

Gretsch Synchromatic

EKO P8, Italy c.1962, £95


Stella by Harmony USA 1960's,   £145

Stella Harmony

Regent, Japan c.1960 with case  £125


Probably made in Japan.  Around a 3/4 scale length.   Nice for old time blues.

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