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Acoustic guitars - pre owned. 

Martin D28, USA 2019 with case £2000

Martin D28

Pristine example.   Martin say: The all new D-28 blends the rich history of the guitar with Martin’s newest and most heralded innovations. The 184 year old guitar maker has combined vintage appointments, including open gear tuners, an aged toner top, antique white accents, and a faux tortoise pickguard with a new neck profile to give D-28 enthusiasts a modern feel and comfortable playing experience. Martin has also added forward-shifted bracing to allow greater vibration of the top. The legend just got better!

Body Size: D-14 Fret. 
Finish Top: Gloss
Construction: Dovetail Neck Joint
Back & Side Finish: Gloss
Bracing Pattern: Forward-Shifted X-Brace
Scale Length: 25.4"
Brace Shape:Non-Scalloped
Fingerboard Width At Nut: 1 3/4''
Top Material:Sitka Spruce
Neck Shape: Modified Low Oval
Back Material: East Indian Rosewood
Neck Taper: High-Performance Taper
Side Material: East Indian Rosewood

Ernie McMillen custom, Northern Ireland 2007 with case £2000


Ernie Mcmillen was the Senior Luthier for the Avalon Guitar Company from  March 1986 to May 2012.  This is a one off, custom guitar made for the late Charlie Harcourt of local band Lindisfarne.   Flame maple back and sides, spruce top, mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard and bridge.

Epiphone Olympic, USA 1936 with original case, £1500

Epiphone Olympic

Some wear on the top and back but otherwise clean.  From the web: One of Epiphone's most sought-after acoustic archtop models today was at one point among the company's least expensive offerings. We can thank David Rawlings for that. His signature guitar tone for many, many years has been that of his 1935 Olympic, with its sweet and melodic single note presence. His playing on most of the Gillian Welch catalogue brought Rawlings into the spotlight as one of this generation's most important guitar slingers, and his weapon of choice was always, until recently, his '35 Olympic.

Dobro model 27,USA 1933 with case £1850

Dobro model 27

Sigma DR-14, Japan 1970's, with hard case  £650

Sigma DR-14

A very rare guitar, made in Japan.  Good condition with fret wear on lower frets.   Wiki says:  Sigma produced numerous "DR-*" models from the mid-70s on through 1984: DR-8; DR-9; DR-11; DR-14; DR-15; DR-28; DR-28S; SDR-28; DR-35; DR-41; and DR-45 . The very rare DR-14 was often confused with the DR-41 but it was a different model. They have a 3 piece back ala' D35, and the fret markers are different as well. These rare, hard to find models were actually made in Japan and imported to, and guaranteed by Levin in Sweden. They cost more than the top of the range DR-41 at the time. They have a paper label stating "Inspected and Guaranteed by Levin" and "Sigma Guitars" "est 1970" is inlaid on the headstock in abalone. There is a DR-14 on display in the Sigma Museum in Munich,Germany.

Taylor 714CE,  USA with hard case £2000

Taylor 714CE

Bought new in March 2020 this guitar is unplayed/as new.    Taylor say:   The Taylor 714ce V Class Electro Acoustic 2018 provides the player with a solid-wood construction, a sonically-versatile and powerful tonal output combined with high-quality ES2 electronics and Taylor's innovative V-Class bracing. With a solid Lutz spruce and solid Indian rosewood construction, the Taylor 714ce produces a versatile yet powerfully-rich sound with plenty of warmth and a superb response. In addition, the 714ce features a comfortable grand auditorium body with a Venetian cutaway profile and comes equipped with incredible V-class bracing; offering a comfortable playing experience and easy access to upper frets, whilst its V-class bracing adds more volume, more sustain and improved intonation for a full, true, and consistent tone. Furthermore, the Taylor 714ce comes equipped with ES2 electronics which captures the Taylor's dynamic properties via its innovative behind-the-saddle construction, perfect for the performing musician. Lastly, the 714ce offers an old school aesthetic by sporting koa binding, herringbone-styled rosette and a weathered brown pickguard with nickel tuners. Taylor deluxe hardshell case included.

Aria Elecord AE-100, Japan c.1980 with new tweed case, £400

Aria Elecord

Excellent condition, beautifully constructed and plays very well.  Apparently only 200 of these were made in Japan between 1979-1981.  See pics for famous players of this model (OK, I'm struggling here)  Cliff Richard's guitar sold at auction in 2005 and has a seial number only 5 digits away from this one.  Whoo Hoo! And,  I'll have nothing said against Val Doonican (Hello there!). 

Stonebridge G20CM, Czech Republic 2012 with case £500


Great sound & condition.  Built by Furch in Prague.  All solid woods, cedar top, Mahogany back and sides.

Larrivee L-03, USA with hard case, £1000

Larrivee L-03

Superb condition.   Larrivee say:  Jean Larrivee started crafting guitars in Toronto. The company moved to Vancouver in the '80s and opened a second factory in California in 2001. The Larrivee L-03 uses Larrivee's signature L body style which is smaller than a dreadnought.  Mahogany Neck, Canadian Sitka Spruce top, Ebony fingerboard, Sapele back & sides

Epiphone Zenith Masterbuilt with case, £350

Epiphone Zenith Masterbuilt

Tanglewood Winterleaf TW Mini Koa,  £290

Tanglewood Winterleaf

Cimar W50, Korea 1980's £150


Made by Ibanez this is a well made Martin D18 copy with a nice tone.  It's in good condtion too.

Guild D4-12 NY, USA c.1991  with hard case,  £600

Guild D4-12

Reasonable condition.  Had a couple of splits in the sides but these have been repaired.

Straten Club 40, UK 1940's,  £350

Straten Club 40

Good, playable condition and, unlike many archtops, has a warm sound. The binding around the top has been replaced, badly, with black rather than the original white material. The Vintage Hofner site has this info:  

Jo Van Straten was the manager of Selmer's London Charing Cross Road shop in the late 1930's/early 1940's. Immediately after World War II, Jo teamed up with a guitar maker called Dick Knight, and together they started producing archtop guitars under the Straten label, using a workshop in Bridle Lane, Soho, London. 

Unfortunately, the business only lasted until 1948, at which stage Dick Knight went to work for the Selmer UK Company, which was being run by the brothers Ben and Lew Davies. Dick, under this new regime, carried on producing archtop guitars, although still under the Straten banner. The one illustrated above was named the "Club 40 Model". As this model name had not been used previously by the Straten company, one can only conclude that it was Selmer and the Davies brothers who decided on that name.

Kimbara 'Folk Guitar' , Japan 1970's  £150


EKO P8, Italy c.1962, £95


Egmond, Holland 1960's?       £75


An example of  what was available in the 60's to learn on.   Has the movable bolted on neck so you can adjust the action in a jiffy.  Not in great shape but it plays.  

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