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Rickenbacker 4003S W,with hard case USA £1300

Rickenbacker 4003SW

In excellent condition.   The Rickenbacker 4003S is a modern upgrade of the 4003, and is widely regarded as one of the finest bass guitars available today.  Featuring the traditional Rickenbacker bass style, but with dot inlays and no binding, a pair of specially designed single-coil bass pickups, and that familiar Rickenbacker bass tone.

Epiphone Thunderbird Pro with hard case,  Indonesia 2017 £350

Epiphone Thunderbird Pro

As new, with an Epiphone case.   Epiphone say - The Epiphone Thunderbird Pro features a rock solid, 7 piece (Walnut/Maple/Walnut/Maple/Walnut/Maple/Walnut) neck with through body construction for amazing sustain and tone. Add to that, Epiphone's new T Pro bass humbucking pickups with custom active electronics and EQ and suddenly, the Thunderbird transforms into a very versatile bass capable of a wide variety of tonal options. Other features include premium die cast 14:1 bass machine heads, a bad ass fully adjustable bridge and Slim Taper neck profile, with Epi designed straight string pull headstock. Also, the guitar has black hardware and a black pickguard with a silver Thunderbird logo.

Bass Collection, Japan 1980's £200

Bass Collection

ESP LTD D-6, Indonesia , with Hiscox case, £425


This bass is in excellent condition.  ESP say: Equipped with a pair of ESP DB-6 pickups in the bridge and neck position, the ESP LTD D-6 6-String Bass Guitar can achieve versatile and powerful tones, perfect for a wide variety of musical genres. An additional 3-band active EQ is also included, and provides you with easy tonal shaping at the turn of a dial. The D Series basses are crafted from merbau, a unique hardwood which is native to Southeast Asia. Merbau is dense and incredibly durable, providing you with a rugged bass that can handle life on the road. In addition, its neck-thru design enables easy play and excellent sustain. The extra thin U-shape neck is made from maple and mahogany to provide a unique sound, made up of rich lows and clear highs. The smooth neck makes it easier for players to access all frets and to play with ease. Paired with a rosewood fingerboard, the D-4 bass produces a deep and full sound that will cut through any mix.

Epiphone EB3,   China £200

Epiphone EB3

Fender Squire Deluxe Jazz Bass Active V,  Indonesia   £275

Fender Squire Jazz Bass Deluxe

Excellent condition.  Fender say: The Deluxe Jazz Bass Active V is a handsome instrument perfect for burgeoning five-string bassists who want active tone, or as a low-cost backup for any working five-string bassist. Features include an active three-band EQ with slap switch and a one-piece maple neck with ebonol fingerboard.


Ibanez Bass Workshop BTB33 with Warwick flight case, Indonesia £600

Ibanez BTB33

In new condition no marks or wear.  Lovely player.  Very heavy duty flight case included.

Migma Star Bass, East Germany c.1962 with VOX case, £750

Migma Star Bass

Hofner 500/3 bass, Germany 1962 with original case £650

Hofner 500/3

Fender Squire Precision Bass, Indonesia, £145

Fender Squire Precision

Warwick Rock Bass 5 String

Warwick Rock Bass

Chowny bass, with hard case £300

Chowny bass

Hohner 'The Jack' Bass, Korea with case  £300

Hohner 'The Jack' Bass

Westfield Thunderbird Bass, £145


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