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  • New violin & viola outfits with bow and case - 1/16  to 4/4 sized instruments from £100 to £450
  • Vintage & secondhand violins
  • Violin bows new and vintage
  • Repairs to all violin family instruments. Adjustments, set-ups
  • Bow re-hairing service from £25
  • Instruments purchased or part exchanged
  • Violin music
  • Strings, bridges, rests, mutes etc.

New violin outfits

Every violin is setup prior to sale.   Most shops don't do this and is is essential for correct playability..

Stentor Student Standard outfit, £100 (RRP £118)

Stentor Student Standard outfit

The Stentor Student Standard is an entry-level outfit for players on a budget. Unlike many other economy level instruments, it is made to correct measurements and specifications. The outfit comes with an attractive lightweight case with brown integral cover and a good student wood bow. The violin is made from carved solid tonewoods, with inlaid purfling and blackened hardwood pegs and fingerboard. It is fitted with a textured plastic tailpiece with integral adjusters for easy tuning. It offers amazing value and should not be confused with low quality pressed timber instruments that have a short useable life. Sizes: 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16

Stentor Student I outfit, £134

Stentor Student I, £109

The Stentor Student I is the ideal entry-level student violin outfit for students up to middle grades. This is an instrument that offers reliable, consistent performance and good tone, enhancing the learning process for the student. Each instrument is carved from solid tonewoods with inlaid purfling and good quality rosewood or vene pegs and fingerboard. It is fitted with a good quality bridge and tailpiece with integral adjusters. The outfit includes a reliable wood bow and well-designed lightweight case with fitted interior, external shoulder rest pocket and music pocket, bow holders as well as carrying straps. (1/32 and 1/64 sizes have wood tailpiece with on-string adjusters) Sizes: 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16

Stentor Graduate outfit £220 (rrp £246)

Stentor Graduate

The Stentor Graduate is an excellent student violin outfit for the progressing student or adult beginner with a strong good quality brazilwood bow and a stylish oblong case. It is a good option for students progressing from their first instrument or just starting. The violin is carved from solid tonewoods and features an attractive shaded satin varnish. It has ebony fingerboard and pegs and is fitted with synthetic gut strings for improved sound. Completing the Stentor Graduate outfit is a lightweight oblong case with integral cover in black and grey two-tone design with safety reflectors, a fitted interior with accessory pocket and two bow holders, hygrometer, carrying straps and case blanket, as well as a reliable wood bow with ebony frog.

Stentor Conservatoire outfit, £285 (rrp £315)

Stentor Conservatoire outfit, £265

The Stentor Conservatoire violin outfit is chosen by intermediate players and above and often recommended by teachers as a step-up instrument for students. It offers a high standard at a reasonable cost. The instrument is hand carved from attractive selected tonewoods and the violin outfit is complete with a professional style oblong case and good quality bow. The Conservatoire has a carved spruce front and carved flamed maple back and ribs, finished in Stentor's Shellax varnish. With ebony fittings and traditional inlaid purfling, this is a high quality violin outfit. It comes with a selected wood bow with natural white horsehair and full mounted ebony frog and a deluxe oblong lightweight case with integral cover, carrying strap, music pocket, hygrometer and case blanket.

Hidersine Piacenza outfit, £275

Hidersine Piacenza outfit, £275

A superior quality Violin outfit designed specifically for the discerning student. Hand carved straight grained spruce table. Figured, flamed maple ribs, scroll and back. Ebony fingerboard, pegs and endpin
Chin rest with gilt fittings. Half mounted wood bow with ebony frog. Light alloy tailpiece with gilt adjusters.
Strung with synthetic core strings. Oblong case included.

Hidersine Veracini outfit, £395

Hidersine Veracini outfit

A superb instrument made to exacting specifications, and suitable for advancing students upwards. Capable of taking the player to the highest grade and beyond. Carved Solid Spruce Table. Carved Figured Maple Back, Neck and Ribs. Ebony fittings. Antiqued varnish Finish. Hidersine Synthetic Core Strings.
High Quality oblong case. Fully mounted brazilwood bow.

Hidersine Venezia outfit, £425

Hidersine Venezia outfit, £425

he Hidersine Venezia is a superb instrument with a truly authentic, rouged brown antiqued finish. Solid spruce table. Carved figured maple ribs and back. Antiqued Rouge-Brown Oil Varnish finish.
Ebony Fingerboard and Tailpiece Saddle. Ebony Pegs, Tailpiece and Chin Rest.
Complete with fully mounted octagonal brazilwood bow and quality oblong case.

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