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Gone but not forgotten II

More guitars that have been sold in the shop in the last 12 years


Chapman Ghost Fret
CSL Copy of Les Paul Professional, Japan
Epiphone Joe Perry 'Boneyard'
Epiphone G400 Custom
Fender American Deluxe Series Stratocaster FMT, USA
Fender Stratocaster, Mexico
Fender Hendrix Tribute Strat
Fender FSR Stratocaster
Fender Telecaster USA
Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar, USA
Gibson Les Paul Platinum
Gibson Les Paul Studio Worn Brown
Gibson New Century, 2006
Gibson Les Paul 1970's Tribute, USA 2012
Gretsch G5122, Korea
Gretsch Single Anniversary, USA 1965
Hofner Committee, Germany 1962
Ibanez Pat Metheny model


Faith Signature F-000, Czech Republic
German parlour, c.1930
Hofner acoustic, Germany 1950s
Ibanez, Japan 1970's
Lakewood, Germany
Maruha, Japan 1950's
Martin Eric Clapton model, USA
Martin Coletti, Germany 1940's
Lowden, Ireland
Ovation Elite, USA
Ozark resonator
Paco de Lucia 2000's, Spain
Kevin Parsons, UK
Kevin Parsons, UK
Ramirez R2 2004
Ramirez 2008, Spain
Stanford, China
Stefan Sobell, UK
Stefan Sobell cittern, UK, 1970's
Stella, USA 1970's
Taylor 114c, USA
Taylor 312, USA 1998

Bass guitars

Duesenberg, Germany
Fender Vintage Reissue 1983 USA
Fender Squire Precision
Ibanez Iceman, Korea 2004

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