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5 string G banjos

Pilgrim Morning Star Tonering Bluegrass banjo with hard case, China,  near new condition, £750

Pilgrim Morningstar Tonering

Paul Tebbutt the designer of Pigrim banjos strived to replicate that distinctive and sought after sound that many players look for in banjos. It wasn't until 2015 that Tebbutt came up with the innovative design of the morning star tone ring, which is attached via the 24 brackets and adds weight to the banjo, creating a depth of tone with a crisp response. The Bluegrass Resonator Banjo is beautifully crafted from flamed maple with a faced ebony cap. The use of maple provides a delicious combination a warm mids, crisp articulation and perfect clarity. Maple also provides a sturdy housing which offers a high level of resilience that is ideal for extreme usage.  As well as a stunning body and sound, the Bluegrass Resonator Banjo also features a beautiful maple neck that is topped with an ebony fingerboard.  The ebony fingerboard is finished with ornate star inlays, that make this quality instrument stand out from other banjos on the market. Both neck and fingerboard provide a smooth and comfortable platform for your hand, and feature 22 frets.  Barely used with original hard case.    Although production of this model  has ceased, these had a RRP of £1200.

Pilgrim VPB30G 5 string banjo with free gig bag, new £250

Pilgrim Progress Banjo

Pilgrim Progress VPB12 5 string banjo, new £199 with free gig bag

Pilgrim Progress

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