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Hound Dog Music

Gone but not forgotten

Used and vintage instruments that have been sold in the shop in the last 14 years

Electric guitars


Yamaha 200


Epiphone Flying V, Korea

Gretsch Electromatic

Epiphone Sheraton, Korea
Epiphone Casino, Korea
Epiphone Les Paul, China
Epiphone Korina Explorer, Korea
Epiphone Ultra, China 2012
Brian Eastwood, England
Fender Telecaster, Mexico
Fender Telecaster Thinline Custom
Fender Telecaster, USA
Fender Stratocaster 70's reisssue. Mexico
Fender Telecaster, Mexico
Fender Kurt Kobain Jaguar Relic, Mexico
Fender JV Squire, Japan 1982
Fender JV Squire, Japan 1984
Fender Stratocaster 1997 USA
Fender Mark Knopfler Signature Stratocaster, USA
Fender Stratocaster 62 reissue, Japan 1994
Fender HH Jaguar, Mexico
Fender Telecaster Thinline, Mexico
Fender Stratocaster 60th Anniversary, USA
Fender Stratocaster, USA
Fender Musicmaster, USA 1976
Fender Telecaster, USA 1977
Fender Telecaster 50's reissue, USA
Fender Deluxe Stratocaster, USA 2005
Fender Lonestar, Mexico
Fender 'Splatter' Strat, Mexico 2003
Fender Mustang, USA 1977
Fender Squire, Tom DeLonge
Fullman, UK
Gibson SG Platinum, USA 2004
Gibson 1960 reissue, USA, 1999
Gibson SG Standard 2012, USA
Gibson ES125T 1950s, USA
Gibson L6S 1970s, USA
Gibson SG Special 1970s, USA
Gibson Les Paul Studio, USA 2007
Gibson Challenger, USA 1984.
Gibson SG Junior 1960s, USA
Gibson SG Special 1990
Gibson Melody Maker 1960s, USA
Gordon Smith Gypsy, UK
Gretsch Electromatic G5122, Korea
Gretsch Synchromatic, Japan 2008
Gretsch Electromatic G5122, Korea
Gretsch Electromatic Sparkle Jet, 2004 Korea
Gretsch Electromatic, Korea
Gretsch Single Anniversary 1960s, USA
G Signature 2000s, USA
Guild D55, USA
Hofner Colorama 1960's,Germany.
Hofner Senator, Germany 1959
Hofner Verithin, Germany 1962
Hofner Club 60, Germany, 1959
Hofner Club 40, 1960, Germany
Hofner Committee 1960s, Germany
Ibanez SA Series, China
Ibanez Roadster fretless bass, 1984 Japan
Ibanez Studio 1980's, Japan
Ibanez SZ520QM, 2004, Korea
Ibanez Destroyer II, 1984, Japan
Ibanez model 2355, 1970's Japan,
Musicman Steve Morse YK2, USA
Musicman Sterling, 2009
Patrick Eggle Evo, UK, 2008
Rickenbacker, Hamburg model, USA
Westbury Standard, Japan, 1980's
Yamaha Studio Lord, Japan 1980
Yamaha SC300, Japan 1984

Acoustic guitars

Dobro Square neck USA 1984
Epiphone Caballero 1960s, USA
Gibson J185, 2011 USA
Gibson L48 1950's, USA
Gibson Gospel, USA
Gibson J50, USA 1967
Guild D25M 1970's USA
Guild M120, China
Harmony 12 string 1960's, USA
Harmony 1960's, USA
Hofner Congress, Germany, 1966
Hofner Senator, 1960 Germany

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